Resolution: Appointment of Sue Gardner as ED

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This resolution appointing Sue Gardner as Executive Director was approved by vote (5 approvals, 1 missing, 1 recuse) on 26 November 2007.

Whereas, the Wikimedia Foundation has determined the necessity for an Executive Director to implement strategic planning and supervise day-to-day operations of the Foundation and its Projects, and

Whereas, Sue Gardner has served as Management Consultant to the Foundation since July 2007 and has demonstrated the necessary skills both for strategic planning and for supervision of day-to-day operations of the Foundation,

It is hereby resolved that:

(a) Sue Gardner is to be hired by the Board, effective December 1, to serve as Executive Director of the Foundation, subject to the terms of her contract,

(b) The Board may renegotiate the terms of that contract Sue Gardner if necessary to make it consistent with the requirements of the Executive Director position and to fully authorize Sue Gardner to function as Executive Director.


  • Approve: Jimmy, Jan-Bart, Frieda, Anthere, Kat
  • Not present: Michael
  • Abstain: Erik