Resolution: Board approval of FDC recommendation (2013-2014, Round 1)

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Resolutions Board approval of FDC recommendation (2013-2014, Round 1) Feedback?
This resolution was approved unanimously online on December 30, 2013.

The Board of Trustees ("Board") has reviewed the recommendation of the Funds Dissemination Committee for 2013-2014, Round 1 (published November 24, 2013) with respect to the dissemination of funds and hereby approves that recommendation without change. The Board hereby directs that, within her authority and discretion, the Executive Director implement the recommendation on behalf of the Foundation.

The Board thanks the Funds Dissemination Committee ("FDC") and staff for their dedication, time, travel, and thoughtfulness in this process. The Board commends the FDC on making difficult but important decisions designed to best support and advance the mission goals of the Wikimedia movement. The Board also wishes to thank the Ombudsperson for her careful and important review and report to the Board.


Jan-Bart de Vreede, Phoebe Ayers, Bishakha Datta, Samuel Klein, Patricio Lorente, María Sefidari, Ana Toni, Jimmy Wales, Stu West, Alice Wiegand