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Resolution: Bylaws amendment - founder term

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Resolutions Bylaws amendment - founder term Feedback?
This resolution extending and staggering term lengths of appointed Trustees was approved unanimously on 28 February 2011.

Pursuant to the recent resolution on Trustee tenure and evaluation, it is resolved that the Foundation Bylaws are amended to extend the term of the Founding Trustee from one to two years.

Article IV, Section 3, Subsection (F) of the Bylaws is hereby amended to read:

(F) Community Founder Trustee. The Board may appoint Jimmy Wales as Community Founder Trustee for a two-year term. The Board may reappoint Wales as Community Founder Trustee for successive two-year terms. In the event that Wales is not appointed as Community Founder Trustee, the position will remain vacant, and the Board shall not fill the vacancy.

Passed 9-0, 1 recusing