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Resolution: Chapters committee/Access to internal

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Resolutions Chapters committee/Access to internal Feedback?
This resolution describing who is given access to the Wikimedia internal wiki was approved by vote (3 supports) on 24 May 2006 and was superseded on 13 August 2010.

Resolved that the following people may be given access to the Internal wiki:

  • all board members and officers of the Wikimedia Foundation
  • up to five persons from each chapter's board, among which president and treasurer
  • up to three persons from each committee, preferably chair and vice-chair
  • employees of the Wikimedia Foundation and its chapters (on request of the employer)
  • any individual that gets 80% support among the current members of internal who expressed their opinion

The Board can veto any person even if covered by the proposed policy. People are to be removed from the wiki if they no longer fall under this policy.


  • Approve: 3