Resolution: Chapters committee membership - December 2007

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This resolution updating the membership of the chapters committee was approved by vote (3 approvals, 2 missing) in December 2007.

Whereas the chapters committee membership and advisor membership needs to be updated, the board resolves, upon recommendation of the chapters committee and according to the rules of procedure adopted by the board in April 2006, to appoint:

the following to serve as voting members on the chapters committee:

  • Anders Wennersten (User: Anders Wennersten - Meta-Wiki)
  • Andrew Whitworth (User: Whiteknight - en wikibooks)
  • User:Barcex - es. wikipedia

the following to serve as advisors to the chapters committee:

  • Michael Bimmler (User: Mbimmler - Meta-Wiki)
  • Oscar Van Dillen (User:oscar - Meta-Wiki)

For a term finishing on the 30th of November 2008.

The Board of Trustees also resolves that the board representative on the chapters committee will be

  • Frieda Brioschi


  • Approve: 3
  • Not present: Jan-Bart, Frieda