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Resolution: Communications committee

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This resolution creating the Communications committee was approved by voice vote on 15 January 2006 (4 support, 1 abstain). The committee was later approved by Resolution:Communications committee creation.

Resolved that:

  1. The Board authorizes the creation of a communications committee
  2. The Board shall ask Elisabeth Bauer to organize this committee
  3. The Board authorizes the committee to create its own rules of procedure and add other members as the committee deems necessary
  4. The Board directs the committee take all steps necessary to plan external communications
  5. The Board directs the committee to report back by 21 January about the creation of their committee
  6. The Board directs the committee to formally report back by 11 February


The board approves by voice vote.

  • Approve: Michael Davis, Tim Shell, Jimmy Wales, Angela Beesley
  • Abstain: Florence Devouard