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Resolution:Computer technician/Job description and candidate

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Job description

Primary responsibility: data center technician at Tampa facility.

  • Maintaining servers and network.
  • Receiving and setting up hardware.
  • Diagnosing and returning failed hardware, working with vendors as necessary on RMAs and fixes.

Secondary responsibility: office IT technician in St. Petersburg office.

  • Maintaining desktop and server computers and wired and wireless networks.
  • Technical support for software and hardware issues in the office.
  • Setting up and maintaining backup system for in-office desktop computers and file servers.


Rob Halsell


Rob has been our part-time data center technician since December 2006, maintaining servers in our Tampa facility on the recommendation of our previous tech, Kyle Anderson. Since January he has additionally been working on securing and improving the office network in St. Petersburg. With 200+ servers to maintain in Tampa and a growing office staff with the attendant IT needs, we need him available additional hours and would like to bring him on full-time.