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Resolutions Domain names workgroup Errors?
This resolution authorizing the creation of a workgroup to assess and later manage Foundation domain names was approved by vote (3 supports, 2 abstentions) on 8 November 2006.

Whereas the board recognises the necessity of proper domain names management

It is hereby resolved that:

Resolved that,

  • The Board authorizes the creation of a workgroup to assess and later manage Wikimedia Foundation domain names
  • The workgroup will be under the authority of the Executive Director, who will choose the members of that workgroup, in consultation with board members.
  • The workgroup will work in collaboration with the communication committee, the technical committee and the legal counsel
  • The board directs the workgroup to take all steps necessary to assess the domain names situation, the possible partners and suppliers and make a recommendation to the board before December 1, 2006

Passed 8 November 2006, 3 supports, 2 abstentions