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This resolution appointing the officials of the election commission for the 2006 Board elections was approved by vote (3 supports) on 20 July 2006.
As drafted by the communications committee

Resolved that: The vacancy in the Board created by Angela Beesley's resignation shall be filled by a general election. An election for one or more seats shall commence on September 1, 2006, and run for three weeks. An election commission is hereby formed, consisting of two inspectors of the election (as provided in the bylaws) and additional assistant election officials, to oversee the conduct of the election. The qualifications of voters, the deadline for nominations, and all other matters related to the conduct of this election are to be determined by the commission, subject to review by the Board.

The Board appoints Essjay and Datrio as inspectors of the election, and Aphaia as assistant/alternate election official.

The election commission is directed to report the winner or winners of the election, if any, not later than October 1, 2006.

Approved by Angela, Anthere and Michael.