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    This resolution resolving that the Foundation will donate US$5000 to the freenode IRC network was approved by vote (4 approvals, 1 abstention) on 7 October 2006.

    It is hereby resolved that: The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. will make a one-time donation of USD 5,000 (five thousand) to the Peer-Directed Projects Center, the non-profit organization which operates the FreeNode Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network. This donation recognizes the tremendous value of online chat to the Wikimedia community, on the level of projects, languages and chapters, as well as to the Foundation itself. The Foundation will also express its condolences regarding the death of Rob Levin, founder of FreeNode and the PDPC, in a written letter to the widow of Rob Levin, Debbie.

    4 approval, 1 abstain. Passed 7 October 2006