Resolution:Funds Dissemination Committee framework and initial operation

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This resolution approved the initial operation and charter of the Funds Dissemination Committee. Passed 9-0, 1 absent, in-person on July 11, 2012.

Background Recitals

  • In its fundraising letter on February 8, 2012, the Board of Trustees expressed its desire to create a Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) to serve the Wikimedia Foundation by making recommendations for the allocation of funds for activities in support of the global movement;
  • In its Funds Dissemination Committee resolution on March 30, 2012, the Board directed the Executive Director to determine the structure and composition of the FDC;
  • An advisory group of the FDC was created to assist the Executive Director in these determinations;
  • The Executive Director has prepared the framework for the creation and initial operation of the FDC, which the Board has fully reviewed and hereby supports; and
  • As guided by the discussions of the FDC advisory group, the Executive Director recommended the formal creation of the FDC subject to its Charter, the Pledge of Personal Commitment, and compliance with the Wikimedia Foundation’s Conflict of Interest Policy.


Based on the foregoing recitals, the Board resolves to:

  • Establish the FDC, which shall be a volunteer-driven advisory committee created solely for the purpose of making recommendations relating to the allocation of funds for activities and initiatives in support of the mission goals of the Wikimedia movement, and whose membership may include members of the Board and others appointed in accordance with the terms of the Charter;
  • Authorize the creation and operation of the FDC subject to the Charter, which is hereby approved and may be modified by the Board from time to time;
  • Require all members of the FDC to agree to and sign on an annual basis the Pledge of Personal Commitment;
  • Require all members of the FDC to, at all times in the fulfillment of their role as members of the FDC, comply with the Wikimedia Foundation’s Conflict of Interest Policy;
  • Authorize the creation of a position entitled “Ombudsperson,” which shall be a community-elected representative to be responsible for coordinating feedback regarding the FDC, funds dissemination processes, and recommendations; and
  • Direct the FDC to establish its rules of conduct, which must be consistent with the FDC Proposal.


Phoebe Ayers, Ting Chen, Bishakha Datta, Samuel Klein, Arne Klempert, Jan-Bart de Vreede, Jimmy Wales, Kat Walsh, Stu West
Matt Halprin