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This resolution formally requesting that the GFDL be modified and that there will be a decision on relicensing was approved by vote (5 approvals, 1 missing) on 1 December 2007.

Whereas the Board seeks to respond responsibly to longstanding community concerns about issues of compatibility between the GNU Free Documentation License and the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license, as well as to continue longstanding traditions of strong community input and control over major decisions affecting the projects, and

Whereas a long period of discussion and negotiation between and amongst the Free Software Foundation, Creative Commons, the Wikimedia Foundation and others has produced a proposal supported by both the FSF and Creative Commons to modify the Free Documentation License in such a fashion as to allow the possibility for the Wikimedia Foundation to migrate the projects to CC-BY-SA, and

Whereas, Creative Commons and the Free Software Foundation (FSF) would like formal support for this license change,

It is hereby resolved that:

  • The Foundation requests that the GNU Free Documentation License be modified in the fashion proposed by the FSF to allow migration by mass collaborative projects to the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license;
  • Upon the announcement of that relicensing, the Foundation will initiate a process of community discussion and voting before making a final decision on relicensing.

5 approval (Jimmy, Florence, Jan-Bart, Erik, Frieda), 1 missing vote (Kat)

Passed, December 1, 2007.