Resolution: New privacy policy and access policy

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This resolution was approved at the April 25, 2014 meeting of the Board in San Francisco.

Resolved that the Board of Trustees approves the new privacy policy and the new access to nonpublic information policy, as presented by the Wikimedia Foundation's General Counsel and referenced below. These policies were created after a thorough and wide-ranging consultation with the Wikimedia community to address transparently our data collection, retention, and sharing policies with our community and the public.

The Board hereby revokes the privacy policy, as adopted in 2008, the data retention policy, as adopted in 2008, and the access to nonpublic data policy, as adopted in 2007.


Jan-Bart de Vreede, Phoebe Ayers, Samuel Klein, María Sefidari, Jimmy Wales, Stu West, Alice Wiegand
Not present
Bishakha Datta, Patricio Lorente, Ana Toni