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Resolution: Replacement Board member 2006

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This resolution accepting the results of the September 2006 election of the Board of Trustees was approved on 25 September 2006.


  1. The election officials have submitted to the Board the final election report from the September 2006 election for a new board member.
  2. The reports shows that Erik Möller received the most votes in the election.

It is hereby resolved that:

  1. The Board accepts the results of the September 2006 election.
  2. The Board shall invite Erik Möller to join the Board on September 26, 2006, for a term that expires on July 18, 2007.
  3. Erik Möller will become a Board member upon notification to the Board that he accepts the position.
  4. Angela Beesley will leave the Board effective upon Erik Möller acceptance of the position.