Resolution: Special projects committee creation

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This resolution creating the Special projects committee was approved on 15 February 2006. The committee was originally approved by Resolution:Special projects committee.
  1. The Special project Committee will be initially composed of the following people, referred to as "members":
  2. The Chair of the Committee will be selected from among its members by members.
  3. Members may be added or removed by a vote from the Special project Committee.
    Amendment to #3 (insert): The Committee shall determine the number of members who shall constitute a quorum, which shall be not less than two-thirds of the voting members of the Committee.
  4. The committee will try to report to the board as planned on February 11th. The report will feature the committees rules of procedure, sub-committees, appointment of one or more individuals to organize the sub-committees as well as proposed areas of delegation.
  5. The Committee will meet on the first and third Sunday of each month at an unspecified hour.
  6. Resolutions by the Committee will be posted no later than midnight UTC on the Tuesday prior to its regular meeting and will be voted on at that meeting.
  7. Failure to vote will be counted as an abstention.
  8. Failed resolutions can be proposed again two weeks after the vote with a proposal updated accordingly to take into account the reasons it was originally rejected.

All Board members voted in favor of the resolution with the amendment to #3 re: Quorum by 15 February, 2006