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This resolution approving the Wikimedia Foundation five-year strategic plan was passed unanimously on 15 October 2010.

The Board hereby resolves to approve the Wikimedia 2010-2015 strategy plan, as presented by the Foundation's Executive Director. This plan represents the culmination of more than a year's activity by over 1,000 people. Their work was guided by the principles of transparency, participation and collaboration, and included the gathering of input from a wide range of sources, including Wikimedia volunteers and supporters representing a diversity of geographies and projects, and parties who are not currently part of the Wikimedia community.

The strategy plan lays out a course of action for the Foundation for our next five years: it is a significant accomplishment for the Wikimedia movement, and an important milestone in our evolution. The Board is pleased to see it reach fruition, and expresses its deep thanks to everyone who participated in the process and who continues to contribute to the Strategy wiki: you have made an important contribution to the movement, and your work is enormously appreciated.