Resolution:TOU Amendment - Disclosure of Paid Editing

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    Resolutions TOU Amendment - Disclosure of Paid Editing Feedback?
    This resolution was approved at the April 25, 2014 meeting of the Board in San Francisco.

    Resolved that the Board of Trustees approves the amendment to the Terms of Use, as presented by the Wikimedia Foundation’s General Counsel and referenced below. Pursuant to Section 16 in the Terms of Use, this amendment was discussed with the Wikimedia community through an extensive public consultation.

    A subsection added to the end of Section 4 of the Terms of Use, namely “Refraining from Certain Activities”.

    Paid contributions without disclosure

    These Terms of Use prohibit engaging in deceptive activities, including misrepresentation of affiliation, impersonation, and fraud. As part of these obligations, you must disclose your employer, client, and affiliation with respect to any contribution for which you receive, or expect to receive, compensation. You must make that disclosure in at least one of the following ways:

    • a statement on your user page,
    • a statement on the talk page accompanying any paid contributions, or
    • a statement in the edit summary accompanying any paid contributions.

    Applicable law, or community and Foundation policies and guidelines, such as those addressing conflicts of interest, may further limit paid contributions or require more detailed disclosure.

    A Wikimedia Project community may adopt an alternative paid contribution disclosure policy consistent with applicable law. If a Project adopts an alternative disclosure policy, you may comply with that policy instead of the requirements in this section when contributing to that Project. An alternative paid contribution policy will only supersede these requirements if it is approved by the relevant Project community and listed in the alternative disclosure policy page.

    For more information, please read our background note on disclosure of paid contributions.


    Jan-Bart de Vreede, Phoebe Ayers, Samuel Klein, Jimmy Wales, Stu West, Alice Wiegand
    Favor the original amendment with proposed "option 2"
    Maria Sefidari
    Not present
    Bishakha Datta, Patricio Lorente, Ana Toni