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Resolution: Trademarks

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This resolution creating the Trademarks committee and authorizing it to secure trademarks was approved on 02 January 2006 (5 support). An amendment on 14 January 2006 created the position of Chief Legal Officer as chair of the committee (filled by Jean-Baptiste Soufron), approved by unanimous voice vote on 14 January 2006. Resolution:Domain names responsibility later assigned responsibility for domain name registration and monitoring to the committee.
  1. Board authorizes that up to US$20,000 may be spent to secure Wikimedia marks. The authorization is effective immediately.
  2. The Legal Officer shall make a recommendation to the Board of the top priority marks, categories, locations and their estimated cost.
  3. The Board shall authorizes the immediate creation of a committee to determine which marks to secure. The members of the committee shall consist of the Legal Officer, the President, Florence Devouard and others to be determined by the President in consultation with the other Board members.
  4. The Legal Officer or his designate shall oversee the legal process to secure the marks.
  5. The Legal Officer shall make timely reports directly to the board advising the board of the status of the marks.
  6. The Board recognized that additional money will likely be needed to properly secure all important marks.


Approve: January 2, 2006

  • Angela - For
  • Anthere - For
  • Jimmy - For
  • Tim - For
  • Michael - For

New Resolution 14 January 2006

Resolved that:

  1. The board creates the position of chief legal officer
  2. The board appoints as chief legal officer Jean-Baptiste Soufron
  3. The chief legal officer is designated as the chair of the trademark committee
  4. The board directs that the trademark committee draft its own rules
  5. The board directs that the trademark committee identifies its list of members, note that this modifies the previous resolution where the president appointed the members.
  6. The board directs that the trademark committee to report back to the board by 21 January 2005


The board approves by voice vote. --Jimbo Wales 18:12, 14 January 2006 (UTC)