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    This resolution hiring Cary Bass as Volunteer Coordinator was approved by vote (6 supports, 1 abstention) on 18 March 2007.

    Whereas the Wikimedia Foundation recognizes the need for better coordination and more involvement of volunteers globally in organizational activities:

    It is hereby resolved that:

    • The Wikimedia Foundation will hire Cary Bass (Bastique) beginning on April 1 to work full-time as a Volunteer Coordinator with the job description at [1].
    • The parameters of employment will be finalized with Carolyn Doran.
    • Two Board members, Kat Walsh and Erik Möller, will oversee and assist Cary in the first weeks of employment with identifying his responsibilities and tasks.

    Passed with 6 support votes and 1 abstention (Jimmy absent) at the Board meeting in Florida, March 18, 2007.