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Resolution: Chapters committee

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This resolution creating the Chapters committee was approved by unanimous vote on 04 February 2006. The chapters committee was originally approved by Resolution:Chapters committee.

Resolved that:

  1. The Board authorizes the creation of a committee for chapter coordination, as described on the Chapters committee page on the Internal wiki.# The Chapters Committee will be initially composed of the following people, referred to as "members":
  2. The Committee will meet on a regular basis to be determined at its first meeting.
  3. The Head of the Committee will be appointed by the members of the committee at its first meeting
  4. The Chapters committee is invited to add new members to the original group listed above, to be approved by the board at next report.# The Chapters committee will report to the board as planned on February 11th (see: Chapters committee resolution). The report will feature the committees rules of procedure, new members, Head of committee and proposed area of delegation.


Passed: February 4, 2006