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This is the user page of a user who was a member of the Wikimedia Foundation staff or served as a contractor to the Foundation. In order to maintain a historical record, this page has not been deleted. However, any contact information below may be incorrect, as this user is no longer employed at the Foundation.

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Arielle Friehling
Legal Intern, Wikimedia Foundation
"If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there." - Yogi Berra

About me

I am a rising second year student at Harvard Law School and am a legal intern here at WMF for the summer. I recently discovered my passion for all things cyber, and I am so grateful to explore that interest while contributing to the valuable work of the Foundation. In my first year at HLS, I served as Team Leader and later Director of Projects for the Harvard Law Entrepreneurship Project and worked on the Journal of Law and Technology. Prior to coming to law school, I received my B.A. in Spanish and the Joint Major in Psychology and Linguistics from Emory University.

My work

In my role as minion, er I mean intern, I conduct research projects on topics ranging from trademark to online privacy to contracts with community partners. Every day brings new and exciting challenges as I get to work with incredible attorneys on the cutting edge of their respective fields of cyberlaw.

Disclaimer: I work for the Wikimedia Foundation, and this is the account I intend to use for edits or statements I make in that role. However, the Foundation does not vet all my activity, so edits, statements, or other contributions made by this account may not reflect the views of the Foundation.

Contact me

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