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I'm Kizu Naoko (username: Aphaia), a Japan based Wikimedian. In the early of 2004 I joined several Wikipedias and have broadened activities to other projects. As a degreed philosopher (M.A. for German thought studies), I am always interested in diversity of cultures and have a faith in power of knowledge. Knowledge is indeed power, which enables us to live a true life with fullness of its reality, both ideally and practically. Knowledge is the locus we find the meaning and beauty of the life; if the life appears not beautiful for you now, still you know you can change it. From knowledge all our possibilities and power are derived ... It is therefore my great joy to help the world empowered, made knowledgeable with our project.

On the project I help communications, translation in particular. If you help our project as translator, feel free mail us, translation (at) wikimedia (dot) org.

Please leave your message on my meta page. You can leave me your message in English, German or Japanese.

Aphaia です。
わたくし個人へのご質問、メッセージは メタ・ウィキメディアの利用者-会話ページへお寄せください。