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  1. Publish the rest of the translations
  2. Update sitenotices
    Make sure that they use "{{SITENAME}}"
    Make sure they link to the "Donate/Now/*" instead of landing page => Check with Rand about this first.
  3. Start supplementary requests
    Tell translators. :-)
  4. Existing translations
    Add to the {{DonateLang}}
    Look to see which of those translations have not been updated, and note them on the status template
    Double-check for errors
    Make sure all the fixes are published
    Make sure all translations have Thank You pages
    Make sure they use {{CHAPTER-COUNT}} when possible

Wishlist (for next year)

  • Language-based tracking (ie. how many people donated from the German pages versus the Japanese pages)
  • Wiki-based tracking (ie. how many from Wiktionary versus Wikibooks)
  • CentralNotice
    • Fallback languages for sitenotice (ie. if we don't have a translation in jv, show id instead of English)
    • LOG :-) (for changes to the notice admin part; especially with a comment field)
  • some people brought up localized paypal as a wish

Existing translations