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Fund drives/2005/Q3

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media:Hardware costs - year.sxc (pdf)
$2500 per month in Q4 2004 for hosting.,,id=131232,00.html

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BofA credit card services


BofA payroll services

QuickBook Non-profit edition,

        F       L       S
sv		x	x
pt		x
uk	x	x	x
ca	x	x	x
da	x	x	x
eo	x	x	x
no	x	x	x
ro		x	x
sl	x	x	x
fi		x	

Base templates

meta:Translation requests/WMF/Fundraising

Base templates

All updated on 27 February 2004

lang. Donation form Help Option DonateOnetime Creditcards
ang: DonationForm-ang DonateHelp-ang DonateOption-ang DonateOnetime-ang Creditcards-ang
ar: DonationForm-ar DonateHelp-ar DonateOption-ar DonateOnetime-ar Creditcards-ar
ast: DonationForm-ast DonateHelp-ast DonateOption-ast DonateOnetime-ast Creditcards-ast
bg: DonationForm-bg DonateHelp-bg DonateOption-bg DonateOnetime-bg Creditcards-bg
br: DonationForm-br DonateHelp-br DonateOption-br DonateOnetime-br Creditcards-br
ca: DonationForm-ca DonateHelp-ca DonateOption-ca DonateOnetime-ca Creditcards-ca
cs: DonationForm-cs DonateHelp-cs *DonateOption-cs DonateOnetime-cs Creditcards-cs
da: DonationForm-da DonateHelp-da DonateOption-da DonateOnetime-da Creditcards-da
de: DonationForm-de DonateHelp-de DonateOption-de DonateOnetime-de Creditcards-de
en: DonationForm-en DonateHelp-en DonateOption-en DonateOnetime-en Creditcards-en
eo: DonationForm-eo DonateHelp-eo DonateOption-eo DonateOnetime-eo Creditcards-eo
es: DonationForm-es DonateHelp-es DonateOption-es DonateOnetime-es Creditcards-es
et: DonationForm-et DonateHelp-et DonateOption-et DonateOnetime-et Creditcards-et
fi: DonationForm-fi DonateHelp-fi DonateOption-fi DonateOnetime-fi Creditcards-fi
fr: DonationForm-fr DonateHelp-fr DonateOption-fr DonateOnetime-fr Creditcards-fr
he: DonationForm-he DonateHelp-he DonateOption-he DonateOnetime-he Creditcards-he
hu: DonationForm-hu DonateHelp-hu DonateOption-hu DonateOnetime-hu Creditcards-hu
it: DonationForm-it DonateHelp-it DonateOption-it DonateOnetime-it Creditcards-it
ja: DonationForm-ja DonateHelp-ja DonateOption-ja DonateOnetime-ja Creditcards-ja
ko: DonationForm-ko DonateHelp-ko DonateOption-ko DonateOnetime-ko Creditcards-ko
lb: DonationForm-lb DonateHelp-lb DonateOption-lb DonateOnetime-lb Creditcards-lb
nl: DonationForm-nl DonateHelp-nl DonateOption-nl DonateOnetime-nl Creditcards-nl
nn: DonationForm-nn DonateHelp-nn DonateOption-nn DonateOnetime-nn Creditcards-nn
no: DonationForm-no DonateHelp-no DonateOption-no DonateOnetime-no Creditcards-no
pl: DonationForm-pl DonateHelp-pl DonateOption-pl DonateOnetime-pl Creditcards-pl
pt: DonationForm-pt * DonateHelp-pt DonateOption-pt DonateOnetime-pt * Creditcards-pt
ro: DonationForm-ro DonateHelp-ro DonateOption-ro DonateOnetime-ro Creditcards-ro
ru: DonationForm-ru DonateHelp-ru DonateOption-ru DonateOnetime-ru Creditcards-ru
sk: DonationForm-sk DonateHelp-sk DonateOption-sk DonateOnetime-sk Creditcards-sk
sl: DonationForm-sl DonateHelp-sl DonateOption-sl DonateOnetime-sl Creditcards-sl
sv: DonationForm-sv DonateHelp-sv DonateOption-sv DonateOnetime-sv Creditcards-sv
uk: DonationForm-uk DonateHelp-uk DonateOption-uk DonateOnetime-uk Creditcards-uk
vi: DonationForm-vi * DonateHelp-vi * DonateOption-vi * DonateOnetime-vi * Creditcards-vi *
wa: DonationForm-wa DonateHelp-wa DonateOption-wa DonateOnetime-wa Creditcards-wa
zh: DonationForm-zh DonateHelp-zh DonateOption-zh DonateOnetime-zh Creditcards-zh

Update requests

Please write as * languagecode --~~~~~ and please put * updated one on the table.