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Ich komme aus Atlanta, Georgia. Ein echter Deutscher.

Username policies

Real names

[[EN:Wikipedia:Username_policy#Real_names|Real names are not advised. Consider carefully before creating an account in your real name or a nickname which might be traced to you, as these increase the potential for harassment, especially if you edit in controversial subject areas. While it is possible to rename your account later, a record of your previous username remains permanently. Please resubmit either way.]] If you still want it, please re-request and add a note that you are aware of the risks. 


I'm sorry, but this is still a [[en:WP:CORPNAME|WP:CORPNAME]]  "Because Wikipedia's policy is [[en:Wikipedia:Username_policy#Usernames_implying_shared_use| that usernames should not be shared between more than one individual, the following types of usernames are not permitted because they imply '''shared use''']]:
*Usernames that are simply names of companies or groups are not permitted (these also fall under [[en:WP:CORPNAME|Promotional names]]).
*Personal usernames that imply shared access, such as "Jack and Jill", are not permitted.
*Usernames that are names of posts within organizations, such as "Secretary of the XY Foundation", are not permitted, as such a post may be held by different persons at different times.
*However, usernames are acceptable if they contain a company or group name but are clearly intended to denote an individual person, such as "Mark at WidgetsUSA", "Jack Smith at the XY Foundation", "WidgetFan87", etc."

(It us better to not use your real name. Make something up.)