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Kim Schoonover

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Kim Schoonover
Kim Schoonover
Director of Semi-Visible Operations, Uncyclomedia Cabal
"Find what you love and let it kill you."

About me

If you know me, you know me: a voice without context, a real brick, an idiot at the end of the tunnel, a gal in the corner with a trebuchet, mildly bonkers, better than fish. Names are cheap, but descriptions stand out and can speak to the imagination in the most brutal manner.

I am also not someone you want standing behind you, though probably not for reasons you might initially expect.

My work

I make things happen.

Behind every wiki, there is a server and a database and a team that makes it all work. For Uncyclopedia, I set up that server. I got that database. I organised that team, and then, once they seemed to have everything relatively in hand, promptly wandered off.

In practice I am basically the go-to gal to kick the Uncyclomedia server when it randomly stops working, though quite frankly since I'm not so much an ops person as a front-end designer and developer, kicking it is about all I can do when that happens.

I also work on various design initiatives with the Wikimedia Foundation for reasons that nobody has quite been able to figure out, though a popular theory is that it is because the Foundation 'is there'.

Disclaimer: Although I am a member of the Cabal, contributions under this account do not necessarily represent the actions or views of the Cabal, especially as there is no Cabal. For example, even if there were a Cabal (which there isn't), edits to articles or uploads of other media would still all be done in my individual, cranky capacity unless otherwise stated.

Contact me

  • E-mail: lyrithya@uncyclomedia.co
  • On irc.freenode.net as Isarra in the channels #mediawiki, #uncyclopedia, #wikipedia-en, #wikimedia-tech, and others
  • On MediaWiki as Isarra
  • On the English Wikipedia as Isarra
  • On the English Uncyclopedia as Lyrithya