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I am originally from the French-language Wikipedia
…moved to Wikimedia Commons
…and now share my time with Wikidata
This user was involved in Wikimedia France.
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At WikidataCon 2017.

Hello there! I’m Jean-Frédéric, or Jean-Fred.

I’ve been around since about 2005, editing French-language Wikipedia, curating Wikimedia Commons (and ending up taking photographs sometimes) and more recently Wikidata. Over the years, I have done work with cultural institutions (aka GLAM) and as part as Wiki Loves Monuments, especially in a technical capacity. I have been involved in the French chapter Wikimédia France, serving as board member for half a decade (with main interests in impact evaluation and international cooperation). Other minor services include the scholarship committees of Wikimania 2014 and of the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017.

Over the years, I have given various talks about issues I care about and projects I was involved with in Wikimedia conferences.

In 2012, I started CommonsCat, a Tumblr dedicated to the timeless glory of Wikimedia Commons categories.

After 2017, a lot of my volunteer activity was done as part of the Wiki Loves Monuments international team (albeit in a less involved capacity now), responsible for maintaining key-parts of the project’s technical infrastructure: the Monuments database and its API, and the wikiloves statistics tool for various WLX competitions.

Since 2018, I have focused my energy on Wikidata. I am the creator and maintainer of integraality, a tool to create dashboards of property coverage for given subsets of Wikidata. My current interest is expanding the depth and breadth of coverage regarding video games, with the goal of making Wikidata the hub of all video game metadata, linking together hundreds of institutional, commercial, academic and community-driven databases. I described that work in 2019 in a blog-post called “Wikidata, the underground fungus in the vast forest that is the Internet” (and regularly write updates).