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Parul Vora, Interaction Designer

Parul Vora was a researcher and design strategist at the Wikimedia Foundation. Parul was a member of the Stanton Usability Team as Interaction Designer from February 2009 to December 2011.

Parul is a former Resident Designer of the Design Innovation Team at Yahoo! and intern researcher at Yahoo! Research Berkeley. Parul brought a unique combined talent of user experience research, design, and technology to the team. She worked on various research and design projects such as experimental information interfaces and an online application for event-based media sharing. At Intel Research Labs, she researched open-source physical computing platforms, sensors and actuators, and visual programming languages for mobile phone platforms. Parul holds a Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT Media Laboratory, and a Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science from University of California Berkeley. She is currently on a leave of absence from the doctoral program at Program in Design ( at Stanford University.

You can follow her on twitter (@parutron) or check out her work here.