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This person no longer works for the Wikimedia Foundation. Current staff and contractors »

This is the user page of a user who was a member of the Wikimedia Foundation staff or served as a contractor to the Foundation. In order to maintain a historical record, this page has not been deleted. However, any contact information below may be incorrect, as this user is no longer employed at the Foundation.

Patrick Reilly was the Site Performance Engineer and Senior Technical Advisor at the Wikimedia Foundation from June 2011 to February 2013.

Patrick is currently working on porting our existing mobile gateway to something a bit closer to our core architecture. He'll be assessing the current list of features for the gateway and will begin work on the next generation of mobile infrastructure for the Wikimedia Foundation. Both of these projects will be the foundation of our mobile efforts going forward and are being actively documented and discussed at m:Mobile Projects.

Patrick comes to this role with a wealth of platform development experience on big web sites. Through his work at OmniTI, Schematic, Media Revolution and numerous others he's really enjoyed building high traffic sites while keeping a focus on the mobile experience.

Patrick continues to be active in the open source community by being the evangelism team leader for the PHP group.

If you have any questions for Patrick or simply want to say hello, you can reach him at or preilly on irc in #wikimedia-mobile.