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Naoko Komura, Head of User Experience Programs

Naoko Komura was the Program Manager for the Stanton Foundation Usability Project, and the ongoing User Experience Programs until June 17, 2010.

Before joining the Wikimedia Foundation, Naoko had worked as a Senior Program Manager and Project Manager for Yahoo! Mail, Postini (now a Google company), Cygnus Solutions, and GolfWeb.

Naoko often contributes to Wikimedia Commons, which she believes plays a crucial role in social media and citizen journalism. Another Wiki project close to her heart is Wikispecies, a catalog of species which helps raise awareness of identified endangered species.

She has a MA in International Development Policy from Stanford University, an MS in Economics from Kobe University, as well as a BA in Cultural Studies from Osaka University. Naoko practices Aikido, loves surfing, playing with legos, and knitting. She's also a native speaker of Japanese.

In addition to the Usability Project, Naoko has previously worked with the Wikimedia Foundation as a contractor shepherding two important projects: the reader/contributor survey, which was successfully launched and received tens of thousands of responses, and the Wikimania 2008 postmortem analysis. She's also project managed the fundraiser translation work, the development of the Stanton Foundation grant proposal, and another grant proposal for the Wikimedia Commons.