Olatunde Isaac

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Olatunde Isaac
Olatunde Isaac
Secretary, Wikimedia UG Nigeria

About me

I am a Wikipedian from Nigeria. I edit the Yoruba Wikipedia under the nickname Wikicology, where I like to translate articles from the English Wikipedia to Yoruba language Wikipedia. I also help with resolving issues related to copyright on Wikimedia Commons. I hold a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and I work as a medical laboratory scientist.

My work

I co-founded the Wikimedia User Group Nigeria in September 2015. I help the affiliate to design and develop strategies on how to improve Wikimedia projects among other tasks related to my position as Secretary of the group. I try to help new editors, new people to our community discover the same sense of real purpose that I discovered.

Contact me

You can reach me on my talk page here or on Meta.

You can reach me at my personal email address:

For general concerns about content on Wikipedia or matters related to Wikipedia, contact:

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