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Wikipedia Blackout Screen (fav. moment of Wikipedia history, 2012) *
Masked media ninjas in 2020

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This contributor lives in the future, in the new age of Wikimedia, times of Knowledge Equity.

This contributor is a Fediverse enthusiast and has a home on wikis.world

Here I prefer to go by Z. Blace (ze/zir)
(as simplified US-English name initial, instead of my slavic-name-challenge that too many fail)
as ~Zblace (would be ~zBlace if MediaWiki would allow for non-capitalized usernames).

I am (kind of) committed to FLOSS, OpenKnowledge and OpenCulture, but also SituatedKnowledge and passionate about UnderCommons, also supportive of OpenData, OpenGov and alike initiatives, as well as participatory methods that can help emancipate under-represented.

My interest in research and deployment as creative and critical researcher and practitioner in arts, culture, activism (aRt+D[1][2]) make me be often focused on infrastructure, organizational and communication/collaboration methods, forms and formats.

More of my biographic info in the context of new media culture curating, advocacy, activism, and CEE work is on https://monoskop.org/Z._Blace


My wiki background is in (scattered) histories of different wiki and media cultures, and was most often outside the Wikipedia spheres. Though I was a fairly early wiki user/promoter/educator, I was an on-and-off Wikipedia contributor, as of 2018 turned researcher in wikis and 2020 Wikimedia/MediaWiki advocate, educator, including global and (trans)local (metapedianism).

My contributing here is related to:

  1. supporting new projects/activities and learning from existing/past
  2. learning about systems, workflows, tools, and policies
  3. coordinating with like minded individuals on shared efforts

I was the first Wikimedia in residence in Croatia (at G.K. Rijeka 2020).[3]

LOCAL WIKI Work Notes might include.:

Today workinng in Split