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Volunteer Hour Match

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Corporate Volunteer Hour Match Program

There is a chance that you work for a company that matches the hours you spend volunteering by providing donations to your favorite organization. Many companies will match an employee's time volunteering (this includes tasks like editing Wikipedia or its sister sites, patrolling Wiki pages for vandals, and helping to hack on MediaWiki*) with a financial gift to the nonprofit – and the donations help us do important things! Learn more about opportunities to volunteer for the Wikimedia Foundation.

Need more information? Reach out to your company's Human Resources Department. If you've made a financial donation, it is possible your employer might match your gift.

*To maintain transparency and honesty on the Wikis, we ask that editors refrain from editing content related to their employers, their employer's work, or any other topic in which their employers operate.

How does the Volunteer Hour Match program work?

Johns Hopkins University Museum Studies Seminar in MNAC Barcelona - June 2012, User: Kippelboy

Although programs may vary from company to company, the process is usually very simple:

  1. Confirm that your company has a volunteer matching hours program and obtain the appropriate Matching Hours Form or website link from your employer. Volunteer matching hours must be employee initiated. Wikimedia Foundation cannot request the match of your volunteer service.
  2. Complete the paper form and send it to the Wikimedia Foundation at our physical donations address:
    Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
    P.O. Box 98204
    Washington, DC 20090-8204 USA
    or email the form to: matching@wikimedia.org
    or submit your hours via the link your HR Department gives you.
  3. The Wikimedia Foundation will verify your hours and send the form back to your company
  4. Your company will send a matching contribution to the Wikimedia Foundation
  5. Volunteer Hour Matches should be directed to:
Rosie Lewis
For your reference, our United States Tax ID is: 20-0049703