Wikimedia official marks/Word mark creation/howto tagline toolong

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    In some cases the localized tagline becomes too long and cannot be displayed in one line in the provided textfield.

    Tagline almost fits

    In most cases the tagline will almost fit and you can easily adjust the letterspacing to make it fit perfect:


    • Make sure the textfield is selected
    • Use the letterspacing panel of the character window ("Top Navigation": "Type": "Character") to add a negative value until the descriptor fits well (try "-1", "-2", "-3",... until it fits)
    • Please don't use a value less than "-30"


    Letter spacing cannot be adjusted using usual dialog menus. By using Edit -> SVG Editor... you can modify the style attribute of the text object. Adding the setting ";letter-spacing:-X" where "X" is any decimal figure between 0.01 and 0.99 at the end of the style property will shorten the spacing between letters. If the space requires further shortening in order to fit on the graphic, manually resizing the width of the text is an option.

    Tagline much too long

    If the tagline is too long and a letterspacing of less than "-30" would be necessary, you have to reduce the fontsize to 12px:


    • Use the fontsize panel of the character window
    • type 12


    See above.

    Special case: it still does not fit

    If the tagline does not fit in 12pt with a spacing of "-30) you may enlarge the widht of the textfield. (adopt these instructions)
    Attention: You have to enlarge the textfield for "WikipediA" as well to keep both textfields at the same width!