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2008 announcements

2007 announcements

End 2007

Mid 2007

In June 2007, the board agreed to hire Sue Gardner. During summer 2007, the board finally met with the opportunity to act again in its role as board and leave executive matters in the hands of staff. Mid 2007 also saw a change in the board membership, with reelection of Erik and Kat, and replacement of Oscar by Frieda.
A very short board meeting (2 hours) was held during the annual conference, Wikimania, in Taipei, early August 2007.
As planned in spring, a board retreat was also held immediately prior to Wikimania. It was held by the board and the advisory board.
Plans are to have one board meeting in fall (in Florida) and a chapter meeting before the end of the year, in Frankfurt.

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Early 2007

Early 2007, the board regularly meet on Wednesday evening (Europe time), on irc. A face to face meeting is organized once every 6-8 weeks. As such, a meeting is organized in Rotterdam (Friday, January 12 - Sunday, January 14), then in Florida (mid-March 2007), then in Amsterdam (early June 2007). A board retreat is also planned in the few days prior to Wikimania in Taipei (august 07).
The first part of 2007 is characterised by numerous meetings, largely due to the absence of an executive director between January 2007 and June 2007, which causes the board to pick up many responsibilities at the executive level.

Early announcements of the year, made on public lists

2006 announcements

End of the year

Frankfurt retreat

A board retreat was held in Frankfurt in October 2006. During this retreat, the Wikimedia Foundation board decided that

  1. Florence Devouard shall be the chair of the board of trustees
  2. Tim Shell shall be the vice-chair
  3. Michael Davis shall be the treasurer
  4. Erik Moeller shall be the executive secretary

Jimmy Wales will assume the title of Chairman Emeritus of the Foundation.

Information about the board retreat may be found in these pages

Switch to a new system: resolutions

Early 2006, the board made the decision to record its decisions through resolutions. Whilst minutes are now very infrequently published (they are kept on the board private wiki), nearly all resolutions are published on the Foundation website. Only a few resolutions are kept private, but their existence is nevertheless always mentioned.