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Resolution: Bylaws amendment - appointed terms

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This resolution extending and staggering term lengths of appointed Trustees was approved unanimously on 12 December 2010.

Pursuant to the recent resolution on Trustee tenure and evaluation, it is resolved that the Foundation Bylaws are amended to extend the term of Board-appointed Trustees from one to two years. Where possible, these appointments will be staggered so that half of the appointed terms expire each year.

Article IV, Section 3, Subsection (E) of the Bylaws is hereby amended to read:

(E) Board-appointed Trustees. As many as four Trustees may be appointed by the Board to non-community-selected, non-chapter-selected positions, and the term of each such appointment shall not exceed two years. The appointment of Board-appointed Trustees shall be conducted consistent with the provisions of Subsection (A), above, and with applicable state and federal law. Board-appointed Trustees must resign from any chapter-board, governance, chapter-paid, or Foundation-paid position for the duration of their terms as Trustees. The Board may reappoint a Trustee appointed under this subsection for successive two-year terms.

Passed 6-0, 4 recusing