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Resolution: Wikimedia fundraising principles

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This resolution clarifying Wikimedia's fundraising principles was approved unanimously on 9 October 2010.

Whereas the Wikimedia movement's ambitious and important mission -- to empower every single human being to freely share in the sum of all knowledge -- requires the mobilization of large numbers of individual financial supporters; and

Whereas the Wikimedia community is entering the 2010-2011 fundraiser, which is intended to be the largest such effort to date;

We hereby resolve that the following four principles should govern fundraising activities across our community. We direct the Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director to implement these principles in the fundraising efforts of the Foundation. We acknowledge that the Wikimedia movement is continually evolving, and that these principles will likely be revised further as part of movement-wide organizational development.

1) Maximizing public support: Fundraising activities in the Wikimedia movement should generally be directed at achieving the highest possible overall financial support for the Wikimedia movement, in terms of both financial totals and the number of individuals making contributions. Fundraising models adopted by the Wikimedia Foundation should adhere to this general principle.

2) Establishing and maintaining sound legal frameworks: To the extent the Wikimedia Foundation establishes arrangements with other entities such as recognized Wikimedia chapters for the purpose of directly raising funds and/or providing financial support for mission-aligned activities, these arrangements must be entered as legal agreements capturing mutual organizational obligations, which are understood to be in force, and which have been mutually vetted to be legally valid, enforceable, and responsible.

3) Establishing and maintaining transparency and donor privacy: The Board is committed to the highest standards of transparency both at the Foundation and with respect to the use of all funds raised from donors on our sites or otherwise under the auspices of the Foundation's trademarks. The Board is also deeply committed to donor privacy. To the extent the Foundation establishes agreements with other entities for the purpose of fundraising or trademark usage, such agreements must be consistent with these principles and any related policies and practices.

4) Maximizing participation beyond financial contribution: Consistent with the principles of empowerment underlying Wikimedia's success, the Wikimedia Foundation should empower the largest possible number of individuals world-wide who can constructively contribute to direct messaging, public outreach, and other activities driving the success of Wikimedia's fundraising efforts.

In connection with principle 3, the Board amends the charter of the Audit Committee to add the following responsibility: Establishes policies and procedures that ensure full transparency into the use of all donor funds raised under the Wikimedia name or on its sites, including those raised by the Foundation, the Chapters and other affiliated organizations.


Passed 10-0