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I hesitate here, but frankly.... do we intend to really put in Foundation news every single presentation we make ? I am confused here. I am very glad to see my report about Africa, but I have made 4 presentations since Wikimania, 1 political convention and 3 business presentations. I am sure all this does not need to be reported here. Jimbo must be giving 2 speeches a week. For sure, we are not going to report all this. But what defines what should be reported ?

Also, a *good* idea for report would be the board retreat on friday, saturday and sunday :-) --—Preceding unsigned comment added by Anthere (talkcontribs)

b: interwiki links problem

There's a problem with b: links as they try to lead to foundation.wikibooks.org instead of en.wikibooks.org. b:en: doesn't work either. Please fix it somebody! Alexey 'ACrush' Krasheninnikov(ru)/(m) 11:25, 18 November 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]