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joyeux anniversaire florence

et plein de bonnes choses pour les 365 jours jusqu'au prochain ;D Alvaro

No more donations needed?

Why did you remove "And we need your help" from the home page? Angela 22:16, 18 September 2005 (UTC)[reply]

Since there is already one mention on the main page and one on the bar, I thought it was only there during Fundraising drive. And the Fundraising is over. If we keep it, then we should remove the other link in the page... Anthere


Salut Florence. J'ai relu cette page, y apportai quelques modifs mais bloquai sur le deuxième paragraphe ;D que veux-tu dire par le logiciel 1-Click Answers, Wikipedia Edition sera mié de la page 'Outils de la Wikipédia anglophone (English Wikipedia Tools). ? Surtout, je ne connais pas le verbe mier ;D byz Alvaro

Pffft. Et en regardant la version anglaise ? ;-) Réponse ici. notafish }<';> 12:19, 26 October 2005 (UTC)[reply]
j'y avions point pensé ;D Quand je te dis que j'ai pas les neurones d'équerre ! Alvaro 22:41, 26 October 2005 (UTC)[reply]


Hmm, interesting. I've been wondering why a lot of non-native english speakers do that, for several years now... :) --Phroziac (talk 22:51, 4 November 2005 (UTC)[reply]

The chinese wikinews site is ready to be launched

The chinese wikinews site is ready to be launched. there is a new vote after a long discussion among the wikipedians on chinse wikipedia community. the vote page on meta is:

the project has been supported by over 30 people in the past week. according to the policy, after one week of voting, there is more than 90% of overall agreement, it can be launched immediately.

so please help us to lauched the project.

any questions about the detail of this vote, please talk to me. Thank you very much!--Vipuser 02:45, 8 March 2006 (UTC)[reply]


Plop Florence, je te cop/col le message en anglais que j'ai laissé à Angela :

Hi Angela. I went through the whole list of pages on this wiki and built an User:Jd/Inventory. By the way, I'm not an admin here so I can't do much of the work I planned on this page. I would like to know if Anthere, you and Michael Snow (the bureaucrats here) would agree to make me admin here so I can maintain the wiki (templates, deletion, bla bla bla and all the nitty-gritty details). Meta needs spring-cleaning too, but it's far more difficult I guess. Lastly, I don't know how to get feedback on the inventory. Should I contact several members, here and/or on meta, or is there an appropriate mailing-list (wikipedia-l is not a good choice I guess).

I also wrote some notes as I reached some pages: User:Jd/Proposal.

Thanks :) Jd 14:44, 7 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Et félicitations (et courage ;) pour le petit dernier, je ne me souviens plus si je te l'ai dit ^_^


Salut !

Eh bien cela fait un peu plus de deux semaines que le magazine TOC est dans les presses, merci pour tout le temps que tu as passé avec David Congnard. J'aime beaucoup le dossier qui a été fait.

Bon vent ! J'espère que tu vas bien.Pabix 15:29, 19 October 2006 (UTC)[reply]




Mailing list link

Hello Anthere. I've updated the old links to the mailing lists[1] on this wiki, except for one you added on 09 December 2006 labelled 'letter of intent'. I can't find the message it probably refers to, and it isn't linked to from elsewhere that might provide more information on the contents. Do you remember which message you were linking to? —Pathoschild 05:53, 21 January 2007 (UTC)

oh ! It was never written I think :-) Sorry Anthere
Okay, that makes updating it easier. Thanks. :) —Pathoschild 02:49, 23 January 2007 (UTC)

10 wishes for 2008

Hi, Anthere! What is edit:wishes link in your 10 wishes for 2008 ? Where it should link? --Kaganer 20:34, 1 January 2008 (UTC)[reply]

hello, NOWHERE. It is a sort of pun. People can edit their own wishes :-) I guess your comment show that it is not self-explanatory... hmmm Thanks Anthere 12:04, 2 January 2008 (UTC)[reply]
I do not fully understand how it should appear in the Russian translation ;) May be to remove the link from announcing, in order to facilitate the translations main page ? --Kaganer 14:43, 3 January 2008 (UTC)[reply]
Sigh.... just remove the link. Replace edit:wishes by "wishes". Sigh :-) Anthere 17:46, 4 January 2008 (UTC)[reply]


Hello Anthere, I just read your story on foundation-l about the Castle-copyvio and the French Gendarme; too bad it cost you (and him) so much time, but a great story it is :) Fruggo 21:23, 15 January 2008 (UTC)[reply]

eh :-) Anthere 14:59, 17 January 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Your revert

You reverted my edit here and didn't even use an edit summary to explain to me why. Can you elaborate here? The page is outdated and, per the agreement of Transcom, we are going to replace all pages that have not been updated since before August 2007 with {{update needed}} and just add {{update needed}} to the top of the page and hope someone will update it if it was updated after August 2007. Cbrown1023 talk 20:00, 13 May 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Lol. I did not "revert" you. I thought I was updating the page, after Teofilo pointed out that he had translated these resolutions, and was asking for additional checks. I did not check the history page, so I had no idea I was reverting you.
Ahh, sorry, I should've assumed better faith. :-)
I find the idea of removing *everything* when pages are not updated a bit strange (and rather dismissive of the work done by previous translators).
The thinking was that pages get so outdated that they are no longer useful (and may end up giving mis-information). For examples, see the nl/Nederlands and ro/Română translations of the Home page.
First, readers do not find any version of french, even though over a year of resolutions were already translated, so we fail as a service. Second, translators have little idea that a lot of the job has already been done, so could feel that the amount of work to provide is huge.
Hmm, good point. However, Resolutions is a strange case because it is one of the few pages that we do not "officially" ask for translation. Other pages are linked to the workspace on Meta-Wiki where the translations can be prepared and where (most of the time) the old translation is to expand.
It is not as if some information was no more valid (and in this case, it indeed is better removed), but simply some information is missing (which we could very well indicate at the top of the page.
You are correct for the Résolutions page.
Would we blank entirely a wikipedia article because it is not finished ? What were the arguments to decide to remove all unfinished things ? Also, is there an effort to find some editors to try to help finishing the translations till summer 07 ? Anthere 21:13, 13 May 2008 (UTC)[reply]
We had a multi-month house-cleaning process outlined and announced on the Translators' mailing list (translators-l), you can see the initial announcement here and the most recent update here. Cbrown1023 talk 22:35, 13 May 2008 (UTC)[reply]

2008 hasn't happened yet. Moved :-) Thunderhead 06:33, 1 June 2008 (UTC)[reply]

Cleanup project here

Hi. I'd started a cleanup project here, but now it seems nearly every active admin has been stripped of his/her user rights. Is there anything you can do to help? This seems like a very bad policy that's been instituted. --MZMcBride (talk) 02:45, 11 May 2013 (UTC)[reply]

MZ, as you say, this is "a slap in the face", so why do you keep caring? You've been very clearly told this is none of your business, just move on. Yes, you started some big work to "cleanup" the mess left by the staff on this wiki, that the staff should be cleaning up instead when needed, and you've been stopped. Just because you've invested a lot, it doesn't mean that you have to keep the stocks while their value is shrinking. Sell! Sell! We need you for useful stuff. --Nemo 10:02, 11 May 2013 (UTC)[reply]
Sigh. Okay. --MZMcBride (talk) 19:44, 11 May 2013 (UTC)[reply]

An important message about renaming users

Dear Anthere,

I am cross-posting this message to many places to make sure everyone who is a Wikimedia Foundation project bureaucrat receives a copy. If you are a bureaucrat on more than one wiki, you will receive this message on each wiki where you are a bureaucrat.

As you may have seen, work to perform the Wikimedia cluster-wide single-user login finalisation (SUL finalisation) is taking place. This may potentially effect your work as a local bureaucrat, so please read this message carefully.

Why is this happening? As currently stated at the global rename policy, a global account is a name linked to a single user across all Wikimedia wikis, with local accounts unified into a global collection. Previously, the only way to rename a unified user was to individually rename every local account. This was an extremely difficult and time-consuming task, both for stewards and for the users who had to initiate discussions with local bureaucrats (who perform local renames to date) on every wiki with available bureaucrats. The process took a very long time, since it's difficult to coordinate crosswiki renames among the projects and bureaucrats involved in individual projects.

The SUL finalisation will be taking place in stages, and one of the first stages will be to turn off Special:RenameUser locally. This needs to be done as soon as possible, on advice and input from Stewards and engineers for the project, so that no more accounts that are unified globally are broken by a local rename to usurp the global account name. Once this is done, the process of global name unification can begin. The date that has been chosen to turn off local renaming and shift over to entirely global renaming is 15 September 2014, or three weeks time from now. In place of local renames is a new tool, hosted on Meta, that allows for global renames on all wikis where the name is not registered will be deployed.

Your help is greatly needed during this process and going forward in the future if, as a bureaucrat, renaming users is something that you do or have an interest in participating in. The Wikimedia Stewards have set up, and are in charge of, a new community usergroup on Meta in order to share knowledge and work together on renaming accounts globally, called Global renamers. Stewards are in the process of creating documentation to help global renamers to get used to and learn more about global accounts and tools and Meta in general as well as the application format. As transparency is a valuable thing in our movement, the Stewards would like to have at least a brief public application period. If you are an experienced renamer as a local bureaucrat, the process of becoming a part of this group could take as little as 24 hours to complete. You, as a bureaucrat, should be able to apply for the global renamer right on Meta by the requests for global permissions page on 1 September, a week from now.

In the meantime please update your local page where users request renames to reflect this move to global renaming, and if there is a rename request and the user has edited more than one wiki with the name, please send them to the request page for a global rename.

Stewards greatly appreciate the trust local communities have in you and want to make this transition as easy as possible so that the two groups can start working together to ensure everyone has a unique login identity across Wikimedia projects. Completing this project will allow for long-desired universal tools like a global watchlist, global notifications and many, many more features to make work easier.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the SUL finalisation, read over the Help:Unified login page on Meta and leave a note on the talk page there, or on the talk page for global renamers. You can also contact me on my talk page on meta if you would like. I'm working as a bridge between Wikimedia Foundation Engineering and Product Development, Wikimedia Stewards, and you to assure that SUL finalisation goes as smoothly as possible; this is a community-driven process and I encourage you to work with the Stewards for our communities.

Thank you for your time. -- Keegan (WMF) talk 18:24, 25 August 2014 (UTC)[reply]

--This message was sent using MassMessage. Was there an error? Report it!

How we will see unregistered users


You get this message because you are an admin on a Wikimedia wiki.

When someone edits a Wikimedia wiki without being logged in today, we show their IP address. As you may already know, we will not be able to do this in the future. This is a decision by the Wikimedia Foundation Legal department, because norms and regulations for privacy online have changed.

Instead of the IP we will show a masked identity. You as an admin will still be able to access the IP. There will also be a new user right for those who need to see the full IPs of unregistered users to fight vandalism, harassment and spam without being admins. Patrollers will also see part of the IP even without this user right. We are also working on better tools to help.

If you have not seen it before, you can read more on Meta. If you want to make sure you don’t miss technical changes on the Wikimedia wikis, you can subscribe to the weekly technical newsletter.

We have two suggested ways this identity could work. We would appreciate your feedback on which way you think would work best for you and your wiki, now and in the future. You can let us know on the talk page. You can write in your language. The suggestions were posted in October and we will decide after 17 January.

Thank you. /Johan (WMF)

18:15, 4 January 2022 (UTC)

noted Anthere (talk) 22:41, 4 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]


Bonjour, Comment va ? Pouvez-vous regarder Category:Deletion requests, il y a les pages vandalisées par le Faux-nez de KEMONO PANTSU A1 a supprimer. Merci d'avance ;) ―Eihel (talk) 09:59, 7 June 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Ok Eihel. Ca a été fait par GVarnum-WMF. Anthere (talk) 21:33, 8 June 2023 (UTC)[reply]