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    Ok, spring-cleaning in august, whoohoo!
    This inventory will help us to clean up and streamline the wiki. Categorization is also needed. First, one could delete orphaned redirects; then, we could discuss what to do with the other pages that might be deleted, and pages that need an upgrade/to be merged/and so on...

    Think about Special:Lonelypages and other special pages, too.
    See also User:Jd/To do#Cleanup.

    Please comment entries on which you have an opinion, ありがとうございます :)



    • delete all Interlang useless templates
    • delete all XX-langs useless templates


    orphaned redirect toward Wikimedia Quarto/1/En-1, could be deleted
    orphaned redirect toward Press releases/1M articles, could be deleted
    useless page, could be deleted


    About Wikimedia/It:
    orphaned redirect toward Informazioni su Wikimedia, could be deleted
    About Wikimedia-ja
    orphaned redirect toward ウィキメディア財団, could be deleted
    About the Wikimedia Foundation
    orphaned redirect toward About Wikimedia, could be deleted
    needs to be updated or to redirect to m:Trophy box
    Not a core-page, should be moved to meta. The prizes are further not really for WMF but for it's projects...


    Bank history/2004 and its subpages
    is it still a draft?
    Board letter, Lettre du board (fr)
    orphaned, inactive pages. What was the original aim?
    Board minutes
    orphaned redirect toward Meetings, could be deleted


    Category:Wikimedia fundraising
    now empty (see Category:Fundraising), to be deleted
    Communiqués de presse/Angela Beesley démissionne du Conseil d'administration
    must be replaced by Press releases/Angela Beesley resigns from Wikimedia Foundation board/Français
    Done. --Aphaea 18:14, 10 December 2006 (UTC)
    Current staff
    clean up, could be a very useful page
    Updated on November 25, 2006 by Brad Partick.


    Designated agent
    orphaned page. Should it be linked, merged, deleted?
    No longer orphaned, used now. Cb
    Development team
    needs clean up (check who is active, what is done by who)
    I would at least delete all age data. They should be outdated ... Aph.
    Blanked. See wmfcc-l '07/03/06 discussion. Aph.
    redirects toward Fundraising, useless
    I would keep it. Redirects will make no harm. We cannot see if it is found at an external website, or even someone's bookmark ... Aph.
    quite orphaned page (site map). Aphaia said this could be "filled with materials" instead of being deleted, but is it useful?
    So, we are better to listen to the techy people and others? Aph.
    Perhaps we should just replace the page with a link to ? (it serves the purpose of the page very well). Cb


    Finance report
    2006 pending. The page has its own category, which contains only this article. Re-cat to parent cat Category:Wikimedia finances?
    Largely updated. Cb.
    Finances (fr) and Finanze (it)
    linked on the site map, for the moment quite useless; should be deleted?
    They are pain for me. Unless we cannot say than now, I would like to delete them. Otherwise, we can put newly (2006/12) released documents ... Aph.
    Still outdated, both are now redirected to Finance report (english version). Cb.


    German DVD/Book release - december 2005
    a press release and its translations that went astray :)
    Grant report
    outdated, needs info from Internal, meta. Needs to be translated


    Home/Ja, Home/Ar, Home/Ko:, Home/It:, Home/Pt:, Home/Zh: and Home-ja
    orphaned redirects, should be deleted
    How you can help
    linked on the site map, is it useful? Needs clean up or something...
    It is a relic of a past foundraising. We need to decide how to deal such.
    I like the idea of this, perhaps we should expand and revive it instead? ;-) Cb.
    should be added to NewsLang template
    Or linked with Past events. I have no idea. ACrush will help us. Aph.
    Frequently added and on NewsLang. Cb.


    It is forbidden to take pictures!, It is forbidden to take pictures !, It is forbidden to take pictures !/Ru, V Louvru je zakázáno fotit, Verbot der Fotoaufnahme im Louvre, Proibito fotografare le opere esposte al Louvre, Proibição de tirar fotos no Louvre and the original Interdiction de prises photographiques au Louvre
    Jimbo said he would have deleted the first page if he were admin here. A set of useless, "orphaned" pages (only linked to each other). Must have served as a "news". Could be deleted.


    Job openings
    linked on many chinese and japanese pages, but outdated. Is is still useful on this website?
    Sometimes in future? We'll ask this question to administrative people ... Aph.
    Used a lot lately. Cb


    Legal report
    what's the aim of this page featuring a nice picture of soufron? :) It has a (very small) history for 2005, but I guess it's now on meta/Internal/secret juriwiki place...
    Local chapters
    there so much information on meta, not mentionning the redundant pages here. Needs a clean up, maybe add some info from meta
    Seems like it has a cleanup/update, and it's linked from sidebar too. Cb.
    Local chapter report
    inactive page (since October 2005), from the Quarterly reports on the Home


    redundant with the content of our projects, could be deleted IMO
    kind of archive page, only one line for 2006. Is a Meeting page needed on this website since we have m:Wikimedia meetings? If yes, needs upgrade and translation; if no, well...
    Membership, Membres (fr)
    seems to be outdated, useless pages which could be deleted?
    Mission statement
    linked by two pages: should it be merged (on more pages) and deleted, or should it be translated and linked (on more pages)? Is it useful?


    Non discrimination policy
    linked by Job openings, may be useless and might be deleted
    Since it is an official policy of Foundation, it should be kept I guess. Now it is linked from Policies too. Aphaea 20:08, 10 December 2006 (UTC)
    orphaned redirect toward Wikimedia Quarto, could be deleted
    It will however make no harm ... I prefer to keep it (as redirect, of course).
    is now known as Actualités, could be deleted and unlinked from the site map
    Same the above. Aph


    Our projects
    Ok, nice page, but isn't it a bit... small. A chunky bacon. Definitely needs an upgrade to v2.0 :)
    Opinion/Right or wrong use of intellectual property and Opinion/Creative Commons -NC Licenses Considered Harmful
    blanked pages, only one link from a page that is not in user namespace, jimbo said he would habe deleted them if he were admin here. could be deleted IMO


    Past events
    linked by Current events. Should it be translated? linked by other pages?
    PayPal donations
    a page linked in the workspace of Daniel Mayer: should it be made public?
    PR-1M, PR/1M-EN, Press releases/1M articles/Fr: and Press releases/1M articles/All
    orphaned redirects, could be deleted
    Press room
    see my proposal/question on User:Jd/Proposal/Press releases
    Premier communiqué de presse de Wikimédia and Press releases/1M articles/All
    first ever and third press releases of Wikimedia in French, orphaned pages (after orphaned redirect deletions above). What should we do with this?
    Press Room and Press
    orphaned redirects toward Press room, could be deleted - keep, for people who can't remember the exact name and type the url
    Press clippings
    a big paste by Elian, but almost orphaned page. IMO it could be changed to a page with links to the main press coverage pages on local projects
    Deleted with elian's approval. I'll check Meta, see what's available there and merged what can/should be there. jd  21:42, 23 August 2006 (UTC)
    Press release/La Foundation Wikimedia annonce le support de Yahoo
    orphaned redirect toward Press releases/Wikimedia Foundation annonce le soutien de Yahoo!, could be deleted
    プレスリリース, Press releases-ja and Press room-ja
    redirects toward プレスルーム (press). The first one is linked by three pages, while the other ones are orphaned redirects. to be fixed
    Press report
    yet another press related page, last edit on july 2006 but quite inactive. What should we do with this?
    Project archives
    gather pages written for the From the project section on the Home. Should be categorized and so on


    Research report
    ok, this should be nested in a smart Report category with the other Reports pages
    All the Resolutions pages
    should be categorized and look pretty


    There may be useful information on Meta, must check and enhance this page. See also Wikimedia statistics


    Thank you!
    only available on Daniel Mayer workspace, but looks interesting :) So? it could be that this page is linked somewhere on the paypal donation process in the end, be careful
    IIRC donors got this message after transaction s ended at a certain funddrive. I am not sure it is used still now. Mav may inform us closely.
    Translation of the week
    (broken) redirect toward m:Translation of the week, links should be fixed and this page could be deleted then
    Template:Latest meetings
    last update on October 2005: is it still useful to have links toward this page on some of the (unmaintained) home pages?
    All links toward this page removed on local home pages. keep as archive. jd 


    orphaned redirect toward Timezones, could be deleted
    orphaned redirect toward Fundraising/USD/yearly, could be deleted


    oprhaned redirect toward Wikimedia visual identity guidelines, could be deleted


    oh, a not so used page that could have been really informative :/ should be cleaned up and promoted
    Wikimedia Foundation
    linked by two pages only, fix those links and delete IMO
    Wikimedia Board meetings/4 July 2004
    orphaned redirect, could be deleted
    Wikimedia Board meetings/5 September 2004
    linked by User:Anthere/test, from 2004: delete, move?
    Wikimedia Fundraising page (Deutsch)
    orphaned redirect toward Spenden, could be deleted
    Wikimedia needs your help
    this page and its translations need your help ;) clean up, update, blabla
    Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003
    redirect, should fix the link and delete
    Wikimedia statistics/It:
    orphaned redirect, could be deleted
    Wikimédia France (statuts)
    why are the bylaws of WMFR on this wiki? :D linked by two chinese pages: could be deleted IMO
    Wikimédia Quarto
    orphaned redirect, could be deleted
    À propos de Wikimedia
    redirect linked by Accueil only: could be deleted, unless Wikimedia should be translated « Wikimédia » in French (ask Solensean)
    Wikimedia:Edits to confirm
    should it be deleted?
    Wikimedia:Translation requests
    outdated (it's on meta now), could be deleted. Translation requests is an orphaned redirect toward this page
    Wikimedia statistics
    redundant with Statistics, should be merged, links should be corrected and then, the page could be deleted
    make it look fancier, with more useful information
    redirect used on User:Sj, could be deleted IMO