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Sj, enjoying a micro-camera
Sj, enjoying a micro-camera

Sj (Samuel Klein) is an active user of the English Wikipedia and the Wikimedia-wide Metawiki.

Projects of particular interest include translation & multilingualism, news summaries, and original event coverage (nostalgia: WQ 1, 2, 3 & Covers)

Pages that need updating

If you are reading this, please help keep the following pages fresh:

  • User:Sj/How to contribute -- what participation is possible / welcome here? As of 2021, everyone can leave talk page messages and translations... what sorts of participation is useful, expected? What about movement-wide topics that happen to land here? Edit flow is ~1% of meta's, even with translation. Seems like a good use case for cross-wiki watchlists.
  • Wikimedia needs your help ---> now a redirect. The original had useful info; see perhaps the page on what the help is for
  • Statistics ---> not used. should merge and redirect, perhaps to our projects.
  • Benefactors ---> updated sporadically. older and anon contributors aren't currently recognized.
    Being replaced by other ways to thank people? It's no longer so easy to track indiviual contributions from before July 1 2008... and there are many large donations that have gone without a public thanks
  • Resolutions ---> discussion, context, and clear linking to a space where readers can comment are needed.