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Wikimedia Quarto

Edition 3 April 2005

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Board of Trustees

Jimmy Wales, Founder
Angela Beesley
Michael Davis
Florence Nibart-Devouard
Tim Shell

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  Samuel Klein
Executive Editor
  Florence Nibart-Devouard

Contributing Writers
Erik Zachte, Nicolas Weeger, GerardM, Hashar, Yann Forget, Jean-Christophe Chazalette (villy), 利武, David Monniaux; Florence Devouard, Michael Snow, Maveric, Aphaia, Elian, oshitake, Presroi, Worldtraveller, others

Contributing Proofreaders
English Copyeditors: Ruth Ifcher, Sj, Quinobi, others

Contributing Translators
Aegis Maelstrom, Angela, Arno Lagrange, Blueshade, Carmen, Fruggo, kocio, Minh Nguyễn, Patio, presroi, Pubuhan, roc, Sbisolo, Shizhao, Simon Shek, Totti

Sunset in Frankfurt

Welcome to the third Wikimedia Quarto. In the first quarter of 2005, we hired our first employees, found external support for a Wikidata project, and had a short but successful fundraising drive. Wikimedians attended and spoke at a record number of trade shows and conferences, and interest in the organization — in the form of interviews and speaking engagements for our board members, articles devoted to the projects in the mainstream media, and mail sent to the board — seemed at times to strain our capacity to respond. This January also marked Wikipedia's fourth anniversary, in honor of which the data center was plagued with difficulties, and the projects were intermittently slowed for six weeks.

In this issue, along with the usual quarterly reports, conference summaries, and project updates, you may notice a few changes. The number of writers contributing to the Quarto has grown, and some have provided original essays about new projects and events. The gallery and calendar have also been improved. As usual, please send suggestions, submissions, and other feedback to newsletter (at), or leave them on the project discussion page on the Meta-wiki. Submissions of local featured images and events, and unsolicited essays, are welcome.

We would like to thank the many new donors, large and small, who have supported the Foundation this spring. And special thanks to everyone who has contributed writing, sketches, paintings, sounds, video, code, philosophical rants, or dues to the various projects and chapters.

The growing body of Quarto translators have tackled our broadest translation effort yet, with some content in 17 languages. The design team has also been busy, producing the current clean look and our first PDF edition. Finally, there is now a mailing list for receiving Quarto updates, such as text-only and PDF versions, as soon as they come out. Enjoy the results!

--The WQ Editorial team


Staircase at the Vatican
Table of Contents
Cover: Winter trees and snow (Credit: LockeShocke)

Welcome, Table of Contents . . . . . . 1
Letters from the Founder and the Board . . . . . . 2
Quarterly Reports . . . . . . 3
Out of the Projects . . . . . . 4
Chapter Notes . . . . . . 5
In the Media . . . . . . 6
International Notes . . . . . . 7
Endnotes, Gallery, Editorials . . . . . . 8