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Fundraising 2008


  • press room - we need to re-evaluate this
    • do we want translations or not?
    • do we want to re-arrange?
    • press contacts
      • need to re-evaluate the status of them
      • more?
      • better arrangement?
      • include:
        • timezone/time
        • languages
        • location
        • topics
        • links
        • e-mail/phone, of course
        • what else do we want to include?
        • personal description?
  • what's up with press cleanup?


code info? address? press?


Pages that are more than 1 year outdated or are missing an important update will be blanked and get a template placed upon them.

We need to re-evaluate the translation statuses (table below) and clean up the Meta-Wiki requests.

  • outdatedvery old page, obsolete, will need replacing with "update needed"
  • semi-outdated — acceptable, but need to update
page lang source updated comment status?
الصفحة الرئيسية ar Home 2007-01-18 outdated redirected
Hauptseite de Home 2007-04-03 outdated redirected
Κύρια Σελίδα el Home 2007-09-24 semi-outdated updated
Portada es Home 2006-12-14 outdated updated
Etusivu fi Home 2008-02-16 semi-outdated redirected
Halaman Utama id Home 2008-02-08 semi-outdated redirected
Pagina Principale it Home 2006-10-15 outdated updated
メインページ ja Home 2008-04-14 updated
대문 ko Home 2004-10-22 outdated updated
Strona główna pl Home 2008-04-15 updated
Página principal pt Home 2007-11-28 semi-updated updated
Pagina principală ro Home 2005-09-30 outdated redirected
Trang chủ vi Home 2008-02-29 semi-outdated redirected
首页 zh-hans Home 2008-04-12 updated
首頁 zh-hant Home 2008-04-12 updated
حول ويكيميديا ar Frequently Asked Questions 2007-08-16 semi-outdated
Über Wikimedia de Frequently Asked Questions 2007-07-01 semi-outdated
Συχνές ερωτήσεις el Frequently Asked Questions 2007-09-24 semi-outdated
Sobre Wikimedia es Frequently Asked Questions 2007-07-26 semi-outdated
À propos de Wikimédia fr Frequently Asked Questions 2007-09-06 semi-outdated
Pertanyaan yang sering diajukan id Frequently Asked Questions 2007-11-27 semi-outdated
Tietoja Wikimediasta fi Frequently Asked Questions 2006-11-02 outdated redirected
О Фонде Викимедиа ru Frequently Asked Questions 2007-05-10 outdated redirected
Wikimedia Hakkında tr Frequently Asked Questions 2006-07-18 outdated redirected
维基媒体基金会 zh-hans Frequently Asked Questions 2006-10-11 outdated redirected
Règles fr Policies 2007-09-05
Rapport financier fr Finance report 2008-01-28
Donativos ast Donate 2006-09-26 major update needed
Roadoù br Donate 2006-12-19 major update needed
Monkolektado eo Donate 2007-11-16 major update needed
En Don maachen lb Donate 2005-02-19 major update needed
Innsamling (nn) nn Donate 2006-12-17 missing thanks page
Donassion pms Donate 2007-09-22 major update needed
Donaţii ro Donate 2007-11-05 major update needed
Zbieranie príspevkov sk Donate 2005-12-17 major update needed
Zbiranje prispevkov sl Donate 2006-06-09 major update needed
Ngumpulkeun dana su Donate 2005-12-12 major update needed
Ecwårlaedje wa Donate 2005-12-16 major update needed
וויקימעדיע דארף אייך yi Donate 2006-12-04 major update needed
الفروع المحلية ar Local chapters 2008-01-28 source update soon
Capítulos locales es Local chapters 2007-12-06 source update soon
Associations locales fr Local chapters 2008-03-08 source update soon
Template:Chapters addresses/for/ja ja Local chapters 2008-02-18 source update soon
地方分会 zh-hans Local chapters 2007-01-21 outdated, big update udpated
Presse fr Press room 2007-04-21 outdated, do we *want* translations? redirected
プレスルーム ja Press room 2007-09-28 outdated, do we *want* translations? redirected
Actualiteiten nl Current events 2007-03-07 outdated redirected
新闻动态 zh-hans Current events 2007-01-15 outdated redirected
Benefactors/Cs cs Benefactors 2006-03-09 outdated redirected
Benefactores es Benefactors 2005-04-19 outdated redirected
Sponsors fr Benefactors 2005-10-05 outdated redirected
Benefactors/Id id Benefactors 2005-04-10 outdated redirected
捐助人 zh-hans Benefactors 2005-12-07 outdated redirected
Résolutions fr Resolutions 2007-04-18 outdated redirected
决议 zh-hans Resolutions 2006-10-11 outdated redirected
مجلس الأمناء ar Board of Trustees 2007-12-20 +2 trustees, new format for old
Consejo de Administración es Board of Trustees 2007-12-20 +2 trustees, new format for old
Conseil d'administration fr Board of Trustees 2008-01-23 +2 trustees
Dewan Pengawas id Board of Trustees 2007-12-20 +2 trustees, new format for old
Consiglio Direttivo it Board of Trustees 2007-12-20 +2 trustees, new format for old
Bestuur nl Board of Trustees 2007-12-20 +2 trustees, new format for old
理事会 ja Board of Trustees 2008-01-24 +2 trustees
Conselho Diretivo pt Board of Trustees 2008-02-14 +2 trustees
Совет попечителей ru Board of Trustees 2008-02-18 +2 trustees
Johtokunta fi Board of Trustees 2007-12-20 +2 trustees, new format for old
Προσωπικό el Current staff 2007-09-20 needs SF update updated
Empleados es Current staff 2007-09-14 needs SF update updated
Ylläpidollinen henkilökunta fi Current staff 2007-11-23 needs SF update
Unsere Projekte de Our projects 2007-12-09 needs Wikiversity
Projektimme fi Our projects 2006-11-18 needs Wikiversity
我们的项目 zh-hans Our projects 2007-01-15 needs Wikiversity