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Allowed filetypes (from Special:Upload):

  • png, gif, jpg, jpeg, xcf, pdf, mid, ogg, ogv, svg, djvu, tiff, tif, otf, ai, ppt, doc, xls, eps, zip, odf, odp, ods, odt, odg, ott, wmv, dv, avi, mov, mp3, aif, aiff, ppd, indd, inx, psd, ai, omniplan, dia, oga, webm

Filetypes in bold are not allowed on commons. A list of files with those types on this wiki are below:

  1. File:WikipediaPres.ppt
  2. File:WMF Admin Org Chart January 2008.odp
  3. File:WMF Partnerships TEMPLATE Grant Application Support Letter.odt
  4. File:WMF Admin Job Advertisement Head of Partnerships.odt
  5. File:WMF Admin Job Advertisement Head of Communications.odt
  6. File:WMF Admin Credit Card Usage Policy DRAFT.odt
  7. File:WMF Admin JD Head of Partnerships.odt
  8. File:WMF Admin JD Head of Development.odt
  9. File:WMF Admin JD Assistant.odt
  10. File:WMF Admin JD Office Manager.odt
  11. File:WMF Admin Job Advertisement Assistant.odt
  12. File:WMF Admin Job Advertisement Office Manager.odt
  13. File:WMF Admin Fundraising Tax Receipts process.odt
  14. File:WMF Admin Job Advertisement Accountant.odt
  15. File:WMF Admin JD Chief Financial and Operating Officer.odt
  16. File:WMF Admin JD Head of Business Development.odt
  17. File:WMF Admin JD Deputy Director.odt
  18. File:WMF Communications Boilerplate Wikipedia and Wikimedia.odt
  19. File:WMF Fundraising TEMPLATE Donation Commitment Follow-up Letter.odt
  20. File:WMF Admin Job Advertisement Chief Financial and Operating Office.odt
  21. File:WMF Admin Job Advertisement Head of Development.odt
  22. File:WMF Admin Job Advertisement Head of Business Development.odt
  23. File:WMF Admin Job Advertisement Deputy Director.odt
  24. File:WMF Admin Credit Card Acknowledgement Form.odt
  25. File:WMF Fundraising TEMPLATE Donation Tax Receipt Letter.odt
  26. File:WMF Admin Hiring Criteria Grid.xls
  27. File:WMF Admin JD Accountant.odt
  28. File:WMF Admin JD Head of Communications.odt
  29. File:WMF Admin Hiring Criteria Grid.odf
  30. File:30 million 30 sec.aif
  31. File:30 million 30 sec.mp3
  32. File:Did you know1 15 sec.mp3
  33. File:Did you know2 15 sec.aif
  34. File:Need your support 20 sec.mp3
  35. File:Need your support 20 sec.aif
  36. File:Free to use 10 sec.mp3
  37. File:Free to use 10 sec.aif
  38. File:There when you 10 sec.aif
  39. File:There when you 10 sec.mp3
  40. File:Easier PSA 10 sec.mp3
  41. File:Easier PSA 10 sec.aif
  42. File:Did you know1 15 sec.aif
  43. File:Did you know2 15 sec.mp3
  44. File:ANR 90 sec 11-04-08.mp3
  45. File:ANR 90 sec 11-04-08.aif
  46. File talk:WMF Admin JD Deputy Director.odt
  47. File:Attsurvey-en.ods
  48. File:Attsurvey-de.ods
  49. File:Attsurvey-misc.ods
  50. File:JuniperNetworksForm.doc
  51. File:EliLillyForm.doc
  52. File:MasterCardForm.doc
  53. File:OracleForm.doc
  54. File:Scholarly Survey Data Anonymized.ods
  55. File:LinLibertineO
  56. File:Wikimedia Foundation exec presentation June 2010.odp
  57. File:Wikimania Keynote 2010 GDANSK.odp
  58. File:Wikimedia Five-Year Targets.ods
  59. File:Welcome2WP SOURCE
  60. File:Video for
  61. File:Bookshelf - University course
  62. File talk:Wikimedia Foundation exec presentation June 2010.odp
  63. File:Key Facts wikimedia generic 2011.odt
  64. File:Key Facts wikipedia generic 2011.odt
  65. File:Bookshelf - Introduction to free
  66. File:Bookshelf - Evaluating Wikipedia article
  67. File:Evaluating Wikipedia article quality-10
  68. File:Welcome2WP SOURCE 082410
  69. File:October 2011 Coding Challenge
  70. File:GARDNER WIKIMANIA 2012.odp
  71. File:Wikimedia official marks kit October

Thanks for putting this list together. My thought here is that we can probably keep the upload/reupload user rights restricted post-liberation. I think deleting old files or restricting file upload types would be bad. --MZMcBride (talk) 16:27, 24 March 2013 (UTC)