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The time is now.

  • /Raw HTML - List of pages with <html> on them, many can be replaced with wikimarkup or deleted
  • /Editinterface - List of users who are not sysops and have edited the MediaWiki namespace.
    • For this, we should probably just make a list of users who should be admins here. Exclude staff, stewards, and inactive users and that should create a list of people to make an admin here before removing the "editinterface" user right from the "user" user group. I don't think a separate user group called "editinterface" is a good idea.
  • /Uploads - There are filetypes allowed on wmf.org, but not on commons. As of the last dump, there are 71 files of those types.
    • Yeah, probably makes sense to restrict uploads in the short-term. In the longer term, some of those files could probably be moved more internally (to the office wiki). Or some can probably be deleted. Note: all those file types don't exist here, I think. As I recall, there's a single setting of allowed file types for fishbowl/private wikis. So depending on what's actually enabled here for upload or reupload when this wiki no longer becomes a fishbowl, uploads may be mostly fine (less of a concern, at least). Maybe.
  • /Configuration - some variables are set because this is a fishbowl, others are specifically set for this wiki.
  • Notify Casey, Alex, Sj, guillom, and some others at some point

Fixed things