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This page provides the history of Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki.

Wikimedia Foundation Wiki

Wikimedia Foundation Wiki (aka Foundation Wiki) launched in July 2004 as the official website of the Wikimedia Foundation.

In May 2013, most editor and administrator access was limited to staff, contractors, and the Board.

In 2016, the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department began work to analyze, improve, and update the Foundation's official website. An initial assessment of the content at that revealed that of the 17,714 pages on the site, approximately 1,500 contained active content related to the operations of the organization. Among the 10,258 content pages at that time, the most common uses and departments involved were identified.

In late 2016, the department convened an internal On-wiki documentation working group to provide input on the role of this wiki in future organization websites work.

Based on the department's analysis, the decision was made in July 2017 to revamp the official website, relaunch it based on WordPress, and repurpose the wiki previously used for the official website to continue to provide public access to governance documentation.

The On-wiki documentation working group began developing a roadmap for this wiki and Gregory Varnum within the Communication's department became lead on the effort to transition the wiki.

Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki

Wikimedia Foundation Wiki was relaunched as Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki on 30 July 2018 when the current WordPress based version of the Wikimedia Foundation official website launched.

In October 2021, all registered accounts on other Wikimedia project wikis got edit access to the talk and user pages of this wiki and became able to support translation of this wiki's content into languages other than English.

In February 2023, the wiki's transition and development become a project of the Wikimedia Foundation Movement Communication's team within the Communications department.