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This page outlines the roadmap for the development of the Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki.


The original roadmap for the Governance Wiki was developed based on feedback from the Wikimedia Foundation's internal On-wiki documentation working group, convened in late 2016.

As of February 2023, the Strategic Projects Incubator within the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department's Movement Communications team has taken on completing the transition and initial development of this wiki in preparations for hand-off to its long-term caretaker.

Since 2016, this effort has been coordinated by Gregory Varnum.


February - August 2023

Setup content for translation

  • Setup templates to be used
  • Setup active categories
  • Setup past minutes
  • Setup past resolutions
  • Setup main pages
  • Import translations from Meta-Wiki where possible
  • Document and discuss with relevant teams possible improvements related to (Related Phab tickets: T331668, T329043, T297970):
    • Exporting and importing translations in multiple languages between wikis
    • Better maintenance of history and translation origins/translators
    • General workflow improvements

Develop basic wiki maintenance infrastructure

  • Write initial policies needed
    • Finalize based on initial use cases
    • Send to Legal for review and input as needed
  • Setup initial categories
  • Setup initial templates
  • Review and setup additional extensions as needed
  • Support for usage of Wikidata content (Related Phabricator ticket)
  • Write related documentation for wiki on Meta-Wiki, Office Wiki, and Foundation Governance Wiki itself
  • Monitor related talk pages on Meta-Wiki, Office Wiki, and Foundation Governance Wiki itself
  • Monitor internal Slack channel for Foundation Governance Wiki
  • Respond to requests for assistance with wiki from staff and community
  • Setup and test visual editor on more namespaces (Related Phabricator ticket)
  • Finalize basic setup of User:LincolnBot
  • Expand functionality of User:LincolnBot
    • Synchronize shared content between wikis
    • Assist with migrating translations

Finalize setup of existing content

  • Move content into appropriate namespaces
  • Move to archives namespace any no longer in-use content
  • Remove any templates or categories no longer needed
  • Remove any stagnant translation materials
  • Categorize any obsolete templates
  • Provide copyedit or link updates as needed and identified from related talk pages, duplicate pages, etc.
  • Migrate and redirect duplicate content and translations from Meta-Wiki or Office Wiki (Related Google Sheet)
  • Update related links on other wikis (Related Phabricator ticket)

Identify long-term caretaker

  • Contact possible teams
  • Reach agreement with a team or department

September - December 2023

Support transition to long-term caretaker

  • Provide training to incoming caretaker
  • Identify and communicate hand-off tasks
  • Support outreach deemed valuable by long-term caretaker to translators and wider community
  • Provide additional support to long-term caretaker as requested

Conclude any lingering work from February - June 2023

  • Identify any lingering work
  • Work with long-term caretaker to conclude or hand-off work

Provide assessment

  • Write and provide to outgoing project leadership and incoming caretaker assessment of project and work done to support transition from Foundation Wiki to Governance Wiki

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