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Wikimedia Foundation Trademark Policy

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This page is a translated version of the page Policy:Trademark policy and the translation is 6% complete.

Ma adeegsan karaa astaamaha ee wikimedia?

Tani waa mid kooban aan ku salayasnayn wax sharci ah.

Fadlan haa!

You have the right to use marks to:

· Qaaxidda Wikimedia.
· Isku dubbaridka xogwaranada wararka;
· Create artistic, literary, and political works; or
· Link ku geeynaya wikimedia.

Sidoo kale xeerkani wuxuu kuu ogolaanayaa inaad adeegsato astaamaha:

1. gudaha wikimedia.

2. Meel ka baxsan wikimedia marka:

· Habaynta dardar galinta mujtamaca Wikimedia.
· Do outreach and recruit new editors; or
· Place marks on t-shirts, cakes, and other things without selling them.

Please always comply with the Visual Identity Guidelines.

YES, but first...

please sign a Quick License

for Wikimedia photo contests, and GLAM.

Sorry, NO.

Not for linking to non-Wikimedia sites, or

creating mimicking websites, or

otherwise misleading others.