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决议 Resolution/zh 反饋?


 |title =
 |notes =
 |year =
 |status = passed
 |nobox = {{{nobox|}}}

 |title =
 |notes =
 |status = inactive
 |nobox = {{{nobox|}}}

 |title =
 |notes =
 |status = failed
 |nobox = {{{nobox|}}}



This template can also be used to display strings (text) commonly used in board resolutions:

string= Output
absent 未出席:
abstain 弃权:
approve 支持:
for 由于
hereby 特此决议:
motion 动作
not present 未出席:
opposed 反对
passed Passed
policy Policy
references 参考
reject 拒绝
seconded Motion Seconded:
resolution 決議
resolutions 決議
resolved Resolved that:
therefore Now, therefore, it is:
unanimous 一致同意。
voicevote The board approves by voice vote.
votes 投票
whereas 而,