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This page contains information on translating content on the Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki.


Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki uses the Translation extension to handle translation of page content. Anyone with a registered Wikimedia user account is able to offer translations using this system.

The wiki's sidebar and interface text are managed through traditional MediaWiki systems.

Important links

Sidebar translations

To translate sidebar entries, please go to: Wikimedia:Translations/Sidebar

Users with administrator or interface administrator rights can make translations directly using the usual steps for a MediaWiki site. Due to the potential for abuse given the high-traffic nature of this content, only users with these approved rights (or higher) may enter these translations.

All other users may offer translations at Wikimedia:Translations/Sidebar and then alert an administrator to the updates you have made.

Sidebar translations
Content Source Notes
About Wikimedia
Official website Wikidata
Contact us MediaWiki:Contactus
Wikimedia News MediaWiki:Wikimedianews-text Also in use on Meta-Wiki's Sidebar: m:MediaWiki:Wikimedianews-text
Movement blog MediaWiki:Blog-text
Community calendar MediaWiki:Calendar-text
Questions for Wikimedia? MediaWiki:Questionsforwikimedia-text
Support Wikimedia
Volunteering Wikidata
Wikimedia Endowment Wikidata
Wikimedia Enterprise Wikidata
Wikipedia Store Wikidata
Corporate MediaWiki:Corporate
Bylaws MediaWiki:Bylaws
Values MediaWiki:Values
Resolutions MediaWiki:Resolutions
Board meetings MediaWiki:Meetings-text
Movement affiliates MediaWiki:Affiliates-text Also in use on Meta-Wiki's Sidebar: m:MediaWiki:Affiliates-text
Documentation MediaWiki:Documentation-text
Annual Report MediaWiki:Annualreport
Financial reports and Form 990 MediaWiki:Financialreports
Fundraising reports MediaWiki:Fundraisingreports
Institutional knowledge MediaWiki:Instknowledge-text
Legal MediaWiki:Legal-text
Security MediaWiki:Security-text
Give feedback
Babel MediaWiki:Babel-text Also in use on Meta-Wiki's Sidebar: m:MediaWiki:Babel-text
Recent changes

Translation templates

Main page: Wikimedia:Duplicated content

Templates and modules with content and related translations from other wikis should be used as much as possible to avoid workload for translators across wikis. These pages - primarily templates - are duplicates from other Wikimedia wikis and should be synchronized whenever possible for maintenance purposes:

Page on this wiki Original page to sync with Origin wiki Translations available
Template:Help translate meta:Template:Help translate/Content & d:Template:Help translate messages/Content Meta-Wiki & Wikidata
Template:Int meta:Template:Int & d:Template:Int Meta-Wiki & Wikidata
Module:Int meta:Module:Int & d:Module:Int Meta-Wiki & Wikidata
Template:Int string meta:Template:Int string Meta-Wiki
Template:Label meta:Template:Label & d:Template:Label Meta-Wiki & Wikidata
Template:Translated content meta:Template:Translated content Meta-Wiki
Module:Wikidata label meta:Module:Wikidata label & d:Module:Wikidata label Meta-Wiki & Wikidata

Tips for translators

Feel free to add your own tips!

  • Some content may be placed within templates being used by the page you are translating. You may want to check the original page's wiki code for any templates in need of translating
  • Translate the namespace for pages. Many within namespaces have a "proper page title" further within the page's content. See the Manual of style for more information on page title headers.

Tips for page editors and translation admins

Before beginning and when you are unsure what to do, always begin by reviewing the "Tutorial for setting content up for translation" and Translate extension documentation.

To reduce the amount of repetitive work for translations, please templates and others features available through duplicated content efforts.

For consistency across this wiki and whenever possible:

  • In bullet lists of links, setup relevant <translate> tags only within the link's text.
  • Always include italics formatting code ('' '') within the content's elevant <translate> tags.
  • With the exception of the Home page and other possible unique exceptions, the <languages /> tag for any translated page should be at the very top of the page above any information boxes (aka infoboxes and hatnotes).
  • "Number" based entries in templates should always include their number alias rather than be based on the entries place within the template. For example: {{example|text|information}} should be {{example|1=text|2=information}}
  • Generally, <tvar name="NAME"> tags should be named using a number (1, 2, 3, etc.) based on its placement within a specific set of <translate> tags or autogenerated <!--T:##--> tag. Once a tvar name is placed, it should not be renamed.
  • Bullet lists which have the potential for frequent updates - such as this one - should have each entry separated with its own <translate> tags. All other bullet lists should be broken up every 2-4 entries depending on size of the entries.

Staff able to support your efforts

These are staff with active editor or administrator accounts on this wiki who might be able to support your efforts to setup content for translation. Please note that you should not expect these people to do your content setup work for you, but rather help answer your questions and support building your capacity in this area of wiki editing. Please feel free to add your own username if you are interested in supporting your colleagues.

Relevant help pages

Templates to monitor

These translatable templates should be monitored and updated routinely as needed:

Related policies

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